Catering Classified How to find the right caterer for your event


Choosing a caterer is as important as your choice of banquet facility. Communication between your banquet facility manager and your caterer is essential to assure a successful event.

Catering Classified

1.)    In house caterer – prepares foods in or at banquet facility

2.)    Out of house –

a.)    Prepares food at their catering facility and transports to banquet facility

b.)    Transfers uncooked foods from catering facility and prepares foods at banquet facility

3.)    Casual Caterer – Prepares foods at their facility and customer either picks up or has food delivered.

Selecting a Caterer

Your choice of a caterer may be decided by your choice of a banquet facility. Many facilities are equipped with full kitchens and do their own catering or they have a list of preferred caterers.  If you are committed to a caterer already they may have a list of banquet facilities they prefer to work with; thus you do not have to pick a banquet facility before a caterer.

The following considerations when selecting a caterer

Date of Function

If the date of your function is not flexible, start planning as soon as possible.  Prime dates are generally booked well in advance.


Ask friends, family, and colleagues if they have catered or have attended catered functions. Check the credentials of the caterer and ask for references. Another option is to consult an event coordinator or search the Web for caterers.  Ask for suggestions form the event coordinator and testimonials from a specific website.  The best recommendation would be from one who constructed a similar function you are trying to achieve.


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