Gowns and Tuxedos

The process of selecting the bridal gown and groom’s attire along with the rest of the apparel for the wedding party can be quite lengthy. Remember that what you choose will reflect the style of  the rest of the wedding. That being said make sure, especially if you are choosing a theme, that everything coordinates. Your banquet coordinator should be able to recommend a few boutiques and formal wear stores to assist you as well.

The Wedding Gown

One easy way for the bride to start this process would be to choose some of her own favorite dresses pulled from her own closet and decide which styles and or types make her feel the most glamorous. These selections can be used as guidelines and possibly adapted to what she might choose in the style of her wedding gown. Most brides to be will purchase several bridal magazines and use these to get ideas as to what she might like as well. In regards to headpieces and veils, the bride should be choosing these items as to what best coordinates with her dress, although most headwear can be customized to suit most bridal gowns. The general idea of how the bride’s hair will be worn for that day, along with the comfort of the headpiece should also be considered.

Bridesmaids Dresses

There are several options in this area as with most decisions when it comes to wedding planning. Considering the modern bride, the modern bridesmaid’s dresses do not have to necessarily be alike. Though the bride might choose the same or similar attire for her bridesmaids, she may also opt to dress them in the same fabric or color. Another option as opposed to the bridesmaids purchasing their own dresses is renting them as a groomsman would rent a tuxedo, this option makes sense for the budget conscience and for those who most likely wouldn’t be wearing this dress on another occasion.

The Groom’s and Groomsmen’s Attire

The modern groom may not choose the traditional tux for his big day, many men are now opting to wear a suit. This is an excellent alternative because not only can he select a suit of his particular taste but he can also use it to be worn again for other occasions. The groom can either have his groomsmen in tuxedos with him wearing a suit or have similar  suits worn by them as well. Depending on budget, the groom can purchase suits for them, have them buy the suits on their own, or simply have them rent tuxedos or any other formal wear. As long as the apparel coordinates with the groom’s, most styles will be accepted. Keep this in mind if you might be choosing a theme also.


Always remember, as it come with most things in wedding planning, to make sure and shop around, shopping online is a great avenue for this. Whether buying or renting, most formal wear stores and boutiques will most likely be competitive to earn your business. So do your homework, especially considering today’s economy. Hope this was helpful and try to make this part of your wedding planning one of the more creative and joyful one’s if possible. These choices should reflect the styles of the bride’s and groom’s and how they envision their special day.


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