How to move to the USA?

People all over the world think about moving to a different country to find their happiness. The USA is the most famous and free country but it isn’t easy to get a Green Card and all American rights. There are many ways to immigrate and become happy in this country. Today we will tell you about some ways to move to America.

Of course, the simplest method to immigrate is to get political asylum USA – https://www.political-asylumusa.com/. You can also be a refugee if you apply for political asylum from your motherland. Your situation should be a national problem. You should not be persecuted by one person or group of people because the US embassy doesn’t consider these. Political asylum can be achieved from your motherland, on the US territory, or the border. It is dangerous to apply for political asylum from the border because 90% of people go to prison before finding out the reasons for being a refugee. Make sure that your stories and the information in the documents are the same. Otherwise, an officer will be surprised and your request will be rejected. 

How to immigrate to America in other ways?

There are also many methods to get the American Green Card. Among them:

  1. Green Card from your employer. This way is difficult because the person must get an education ( it is necessary to get a Ph.D. or Master’s degree), looking for a job, and asking the employer to issue you a Green Card. You become a valuable employee and stay in the USA together. The disadvantage of such a way is high demands. You always have a risk of being rejected and leaving the country after studying;
  1. Visa for smart and talented people. The persons with the Nobel Prize can get the O-1 visa more easily than someone else. These are also singers, actors, sportsmen, and scientists. You need to prove your interesting ability which no one else has. But it is so difficult and many people hire a lawyer who creates a person’s case. Many of them lie and come up with features when they are not;
  1. If you work in a large company in your motherland territory, the corporation may have representation in the USA. You will be lucky if you are sent to work in America. You need to fill the Form I-129 to apply. If your request will be allowed, you get an L-1 visa. 

These are the most difficult but real ways to become like Americans. You should know that the process of getting a visa and Green Card will be long and requires a lot of money. Be happy!


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