Save Money On Your Wedding In A Down Economy

The following are some tips on how to save money on your wedding:

1) Limit your attendants and guest list.

Each time you add a person to your attendant or guest list you increase your cost. By cutting your numbers you will save on catering costs, rentals, flowers, stationary, gifts, ect…Also consider an adults only ceremony and reception.

2) Season and off day wedding.

You may want to consider having your wedding in the off season. Generally the high season for weddings is April through October, also consider non-prime nights such as Fridays or Sundays or even a Wednesday. You should get more reasonable pricing from vendors on their off season/ off day functions.

You may even decide on an afternoon wedding which will call for a lighter menu and shorter time frame. * Stay clear of holidays, they will most likely cost you more!

3) Choose a multipurpose venue.

You can hold your ceremony and reception at one location. You will save on site and transportation fees.

4) Save on floral.

Use fewer flowers at the ceremony. Use a few arrangements up front along with some candlelight. This makes for a romantic ceremony, all eyes are up front so that’s where to concentrate on you décor. When considering your reception floral, keep in mind you can transfer the arrangements from your ceremony to your reception venue. One example would be to have the bouquets placed in vases at the reception venue. Secondly, centerpieces can be made with fresh fruit to use as fillers as opposed to flowers only centerpieces to cut cost.

5) Choose an inexpensive wedding location.

Check out locations other than banquet halls or hotels. Contemplate such places as your favorite restaurant, a park, a theater, an arboretum, a farmhouse or any other place that might be special to you. Many times you can rent these venues on the less expensive side although you may have to bring in rentals.

6) Transportation

Contemplate hiring a limo for your ceremony and another limo for your reception. This could be cheaper than hiring one limo for both because you will not have to pay for waiting time.

7) Photography and Videography

Hire a photographer who does both photography and videography. Ask your photographer to provide prints only. You can create your own album later. Ask the videography to be a basic edit, you can always edit at a future date.

8) Music

Minimize the music for the ceremony by using a simple pianist and vocalist or a string quartet. Think about using a DJ for your ceremony as opposed to a live band, you will still get great music that is appropriate at a much lesser cost.

9) Invitations

Keep all of your wedding information on one card and skip the inner envelope. Regular printed invitations work as well as engraved. You might think about printing them yourself on your computer.

10) Save on favors.

Instead of buying expensive gifts that are generic in nature and for the most part sit around collecting dust, contemplate making your own favors which will be more memorable and personal.

11) Honeymoon and destination weddings

You don’t have to take your honeymoon directly after your wedding. Think about delaying until rates are more reasonable, generally in the off season. You may contemplate a destination wedding in the off season. Advantages are the ceremony and reception are the same site, coordinator included, smaller guest list, choosing an all inclusive resort saves money and you can have your honeymoon there!


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