The Wedding Planner

Ask any event planner and they will tell that planning a wedding can be quite difficult, involved and stressful. If at all possible think about hiring a wedding planner for your special day. To find the right planner, talk with family, friends and co-workers or search the internet as a tool. Interview at least three planners and get firm pricing, referrals and a list of what they will be providing for you. You may need them for parts of your wedding or all that goes into it. Remember this, the cost of a wedding planner may appear to be expensive, but a good wedding planner has more contacts and bargaining power than you.

Some requirements of a wedding planner may include:

(1)   Creating a budget and theme

(2)   Finding a ceremonial site

(3)   Finding a reception venue

(4)   Choosing the right caterer and appropriate food and beverage menus

(5)   Having a full understanding of contracts

(6)   Creating your guest list

(7)   Finding the right decorator and florists

(8)   Finding the right photographer and videographer

(9)   Choosing the ceremonial and reception music

(10) Choosing the proper stationary

(11)  Selecting a bakery for your wedding cake or additional sweets

(12)  Arranging your modes of transportation

(13)  Selecting the wedding attire and personal flowers

(14)  Creating a registry checklist

(15)  Selecting wedding gifts and favors

(16)  Creating a total rental checklist

(17)  Helping in your honeymoon package

Seeing all that it takes to plan a wedding you may ask yourself, “Do I really want to take all of this on?” A few reasons to hire a wedding planner would be…

Wedding planner’s expense, it may be less than you think and it may save you money in the long run. A good wedding planner has the basic understanding of the wedding identity. They do this year round and it is their livelihood. They use many of the same vendors time after time and in doing so they have leverage and bargaining power and I’m sure that they can obtain pricing more reasonable than you or I.

Understanding the Identity:

A good wedding planner understands how to plan your budget, pricing packages, contracts, caterers, venues, rentals, timeframes, presentations, and traditional and non-traditional etiquette. Do you really know the details in planning a wedding? So why not hire a wedding planner?


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