Unlike conventional shared hosting, with VPS you have root access to your server, which allows you to achieve complete control over the operating system, as well as the ability to install additional software. As on a dedicated server, on VPS tariffs the number of hosted sites is limited only by the resources of your server. You can place as many sites as there are enough physical resources of VPS. If necessary, the resources of the VPS server can be easily increased and this will not require the transfer of data to a new server.

      VPS hosting resembles the golden mean, being something between a shared hosting and a dedicated server.

In Which Cases It Is Advisable To Switch To VPS

      1. You need to optimize the site and install your software

      Conventional hosting is a good start if you build your site using popular content management systems such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc. For regular hosting, the servers are configured in such a way as to provide acceptable performance for all server clients. Often, those settings that would allow you to work faster can, on the contrary, slow down the work of other regular hosting clients or adversely affect server security.

      2. You need a dedicated server, but you are limited on a budget

      In addition to the fact that VPS hosting allows you to install your copy of the operating system, it also practically does not differ from a dedicated server in terms of technical capabilities, providing the right to configure its software.

      Therefore, if the budget of your project does not allow you to buy a dedicated server, while you need the flexibility to configure or more resources that a shared hosting provides, VPS in Hong Kong will be the best choice.

      3. Do you maintain sites for your customers?

      If you are engaged not only in the development of sites for your customers, but also in their further support, then in order not to individually purchase a common hosting each time, it will be much more convenient and cheaper to use VPS, on which you can independently provide hosting.

      In addition to the convenience that all of your customers’ sites will be located in one place and managed from one interface, you can also configure VPS so that your users’ resources work in the fastest way.


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